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Loyalty Strategy Consulting


A company's success in improving customer engagement mainly depends on its customer loyalty program strategy. To help enterprises of all sizes drive customer loyalty efficiently, we have created a team of CX experts who specialize in carrying out various loyalty projects all over the world.

With their support, provided at every stage of the development and management process, you can build a highly effective digital loyalty strategy in no time - no matter if you are at the beginning of this journey, or if you want to redesign an existing solution.

Loyalty Concept

After an in-depth needs assessment process, we will work closely with your team to define a successful customer loyalty strategy for your company. The robust customer interaction approach can be used for the entire project or for a selected area, depending on your company's needs. Going through a series of valuable possibilities and the aforementioned approach, we will help design loyalty programs that meet your requirements, as well as those of your business partners and stakeholders. One thing is for sure - you will never be short of professional knowledge and original, out-of-the-box ideas.

Loyalty Program Health Check

The customer loyalty landscape is changing constantly. As a result, if you want to maintain your competitive advantage, you must optimize your loyalty programs at all times. With the use of our analytical methodology - DIAMETRICS® we can check the performance of your loyalty programs in five main areas - business, technology, finance, customer satisfaction, and market position.

Program Redesign

First, the Loyalty Program Health Check will help us re-evaluate all elements of your existing strategy. What will happen afterward is us completely redesigning all aspects of your loyalty programs to make them correspond with the previously established or the newly developed strategy. Fear not - we will take care of such elements like Customer Value Proposition, marketing communication, rewards sourcing, program organization - and more - to make things right.

Implementation Support

While our IT teams focus more on providing the most innovative technologies, our consulting support deals with communication among stakeholders. We can also establish the necessary business processes to make sure that your customer loyalty program concept will be implemented according to the plan.

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